Yuhuan Sierjia Valve Co.,LTDAbout UsBuilding 43B,Chuangrong Industrial City,Yucheng Street,Yuhuan City,Zhejiang Province,ChinaYuhuan Sierjia valve Co., Ltd. is a professional water meter, heat meter, ultrasonic meter and other meter manufacturers, one of the leading enterprises in Zhejiang province.More than 20 years experience in the production of water meters and their accessories.The company is located in Taizhou Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province, with registered capital of 20 million yuan and annual output of about 2 million water meters.In Russia, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine and other European markets enjoy high visibility and recognition.Sierjia has a number of advanced automatic production lines and production workshops as well as r &am

ultrasonic water meter
ultrasonic water meter
DN15 ultrasonic water meter body
DN15 ultrasonic water meter body
DN15 ultrasonic water meter body
ultrasonic water meter
DN15 ultrasonic water meter body
DN15 ultrasonic water meter body
DN15 ultrasonic water meter body

DN15 ultrasonic water meter body

Model NO.

Quick Details
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China              Brand Name:SIERJIA
Model Number:1901-2                     certificate:CE,ISO
Type:Water Meters                          Product name:DN15 ultrasonic water meter body
Supply Ability
Supply Ability       100000 Piece/Pieces per Month The water meter can be produced in a hurry
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details   Conventional packing of water meter:OUTER CARTON: 10 pcs/ctn
INNER CARTON: 1 pc/ctn
Port                 Ningbo
Lead Time:          30days

DN15 ultrasonic water meter body
APPLICATION  _____________________________________________________

Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the  pipeline

FEATURES ________________________________________________________

·Applicable scene:home,apartment,garden housing ,ground,commercial,residential building,malls,household portable,garden,domestic residential
·Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.
·Communication:rs485 modbus,LoRa
·Fitting:Pressure sensor,battery,lcd display,reading device,data logger,liquid turbine,user interface unit,reading device,actuator,connection fittings,Valve
·No mechanical movable parts,Impurities in water can’t be affected, long service life and high accuracy
·Wide measurement range. Very small flow can be measured.
·Various alarm functions:Battery voltage can alarm,empty tubes or pipes that are not full of water,transducer fault alarm and more.

·Low-power design and the use of high-energy batteries, can work for 8 years and more.
·The communication interface is Lora or Rs485, can achieve remote real-time monitoring and management on the LAN.
·Threaded connection digital water meter, used in industrial pipelines, suitable for high pressure environment, can choose whether to install pulse output
·With remote transmission system software to support reading and monitoring
·Provide a complete software metering and charging solution

WORKING CONDITION______________________________________________
1.The ultrasonic water meter collects the flow in the pipeline, and the pressure data is uploaded to thecloud servioe platform through RTU.
2.Sudden change alarm of pressure and flow.
MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE ERROR____________________________________
In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qis ±5% _ In the upper zone from Qinclusive up to and including Qis: cold water meter ±2%, hot water  meter    ±3%.

MAIN TECHNICAL DATA____________________________________________
Nominal diametermm1520253240
Overlolad flow(Q4)m³/h3.12557.875 12.520 
Nominal flow(Q3)m³/h2.5 6.31016 
Transitional flow(Q2)m³/h0.020.0320.050.080.128
Minimum flow(Q1)m³/h0.016 0.020.032 0.050.08 
Accuracy class Class2
Battery life8years         
Temperature classT30/T50         
Pressure class≤0.063Mpa
Pressure loss classΔP63         
Flow prefile sensitivity classU10/D5         
Environmental classClass B,M1         
Electromagnetic environmrnt classE1         
Working pressure1.6Mpa         
Max flow indication(m³)9999999.9         
Installation positionHorizontal or Vertical         

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